One might wonder why the different identity "the Movement" of Progressivism and Social Justice sometimes devolved into bitter feuds with eachother and with radical
Right-Wing groups? What happened to the Keynesian Consensus? What happened to the Rockefeller Republicans? What caused all this turmoil? The Right? Left? Who? Answer: the WAR itself was tearing the country apart at the seams.

If the war was a Nazi-like crime cooked up by the atrocious WASP murderers in the Pentagon, then there can be absolutely no dialogue with anyone supporting the war. And if the Soviet Union was an "Evil Empire" and the case of Vietnam similar to Czechoslovakia in 1938, then there can be no dialogue with anyone opposing the war.
You would be considered a traitor to "liberty" by the right or to "peace" by the left. The war left no place for centrists. Wars in general create two camps and clarify the sides, each equally sure of itself.